The Gift of Jazz ™

A high-school Jazz program created by Bliss Road Music with performances and program presentation by Catlin Hale and her band Catlin Hale & Company.

Program Description

The Gift of Jazz ™ is a program designed to give students an opportunity to experience a live professional Jazz performance then, through open discussion, dive into the aspects behind the music business. The goal is to support and reinforce the students current classroom instruction and help them understand how to apply their individual skills in real time positions available in the out-side world.

Through hands on examples of performance, improvisation, open discussion, songwriting and studio recording techniques, basics of music as a business, specific jobs in the music field and overall music education, students can learn about the many aspects of the music business which are available to them.

This program is structured into 20-minute segments which are customized for your classroom timeframe. These segments present information to help achieve the following:

  • Present a Music Class that comes alive for students
  • Foster the development of music appreciation
  • Develop improvisational skills
  • Improve proficiency with their instrument/vocals
  • Gain confidence through performance experiences
  • Improve concentration and visualization skills
  • Develop an appreciation for and understanding of Jazz
  • Develop a love for playing music
  • Designed for high school students with an interest in music performance
  • Designed to support the educational aspects of school training and bring a real-world experience into the classroom with working
    professional musicians

Program Segments

1. Music Performance
A live Jazz performance incorporating Standards and Originals performed by Catlin Hale & Company. A professional Jazz group consisting of experienced recording, studio, and venue savvy musicians. Catlin Hale & Company, as a group and as individual artists have recorded several songs and compilations. The band consists of drum, keyboard, guitar, bass, saxophone and vocals. Rather than using multi-media and classroom television, Jazz is presented first hand and live. This group serves as excellent performers and instructors who make hands on instruction very exciting as well as informative. Catlin Hale & Company is a group of musicians giving of their time and talent to students and the community to mentor, coach, encourage and inform on the subject of Jazz.

2. Music Discussion
This segment will cover the scope and structure of the music industry on local, national, and international levels, including artist management, live concert production and touring, recording film/video/TV, marketing, communications, publishing, and industry associations. Discussion can also involve technology and its use and impact on music today. Some topics are as follows:

General overview of the music profession

The business of music

  • Copyright law, licensing, publishing, songwriting and recording contracts
  • Music and creative arts industries and related fields (marketing, publicity, public relations)
  • Discussion on role of technology in the field of music, including review of computers, software, synthesizers, MIDI, and digital recording
  • Introduction to recording including multi-track recorders and session procedures
  • Preparing for product release through master editing mater creation, post production and packaging

The relationship of music

  • Professionals to unions and guilds
  • Team concepts (agents, managers, attorneys, etc.)
  • Tax issues
  • Business contracts
  • Managing the career development of the music professional and/or being managed

Group Question & Answer session

3. Jazz Improvisation

  • One on One segment which provides firsthand interaction and instruction between students and guest musicians. Students can share
    and experience the technique jazz players use in performing and writing their tunes.

4. Music Resources

  • A compiled list of suggested Internet music websites which provide various contacts and resources regarding all aspects of the music industry. This list is provided to encourage students to explore other avenues of music including history, contemporary, and electronic/MIDI music sources. The list is divided into categories for easy reference. Categories are: Music Education, Composers, Jazz, Popular Music (Performers), Music Theatre, and Music History.

Benefits of Program

  • Gives students the first-hand experience of music background and knowledge they need for positions in a variety of music related environments
  • Prepares students to understand various employment positions available in the musical field
  • Provides a hands on workshop in learning Jazz improvisational techniques
  • Develops a basic understanding of music business and ethics
  • Provides open discussion with fulltime working musicians/songwriters/composers
  • The class begins with a live Jazz performance by a working Jazz band
  • Program is targeted to students with an interest in the arts and music
  • Educates students in the proper methods of technical and studio performance and recording
  • Provides hands on experience with music as applied in practical use in the real world
  • Educates on how music reaches out and affects individuals and communities and the world as a whole

The Gift of Jazz ™ program is available to High School students enrolled in art/theatre/music courses. This program is available upon request through a booked/scheduled requested appearance which is secured by a terms of agreement document. Fees are based on number of musicians requested ($150/per musician) and number of program sessions ($50/each) which are customized to fit into your class schedule and time frame. Travel/mileage expenses are additional. A sound system is required and can either be provided by the band at an additional cost of $50 or the band can use the
on-site system of the High School/Sponsor.

Catlin Hale & Company is available to work with the various art and music departments to collaborate on a variety of special programs and concerts.

Live performances and recording sessions are welcome and often can be in conjunction with your students.

We love to customize music programs, just contact us with your ideas, suggestions, needs or questions.

Bliss Road Music * 574-255-6677

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