Giving back is an important action for all of us. Any way that you can contribute your time, energies or income is a wonderful way to help others realize their dreams too! Below you can learn more about the things I am passionate about. Click on each charity to read about the wonderful things they are accomplishing and to see how you can participate too!


friends of hanna rescueFriends of Hanna Rescue

I am a HUGE animal lover and believe they give much more to us than we could ever give to them! My dream is for all rescue and stray animals to be given the chance to have caring, loving homes and to be able receive the much needed vaccinations and spay/neutering which would completely eliminate the practice of Euthanasia.

Join me in stopping the unnecessary deaths of so many animals just by supporting preventive methods of vaccinations and spay/neutering in animal shelters across our country. Let’s turn them into safe havens known as no kill facilities rather than the alternative.

To learn more, visit their websites below. These are amazing people with hearts bigger than their pocket books so your help and interest is greatly appreciated. All our furry friends say thank you in advance:

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Friends of Hannah was established to give a name and organization to our growing rescue and adoption interests. We have always taken in stray or unwanted animals, had them vaccinated, spayed or neutered and then found them loving, responsible homes. The Hairy Moose Pet Retreat just gave us the right kind of space and environment to do this on a larger scale.

Friends of Hannah is a Tennessee state-chartered nonprofit entity with 501(c)3 status with the IRS. All donations are tax exempt. We receive no special funding or support; it is a charitable program funded entirely by the generosity and kindness of the owners, staff, customers, and friends of the Hairy Moose Pet Retreat. You can be certain that every penny that we take in goes directly to the care that our rescue dogs, cats, birds, and horses receive.

heritage foundationThe Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County

Preserving our heritage in buildings and land is important for our quality of life and for future generations. Join me in learning more about this pro-active group who has been making great progress in preserving historic locations in Tennessee.

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The Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County, in Tennessee, was founded in 1967 and has a long history of preserving historic resources. The Heritage Foundation started with a group of citizens with vision who wanted to protect the historic resources that make Franklin and Williamson County a special place. The efforts of the Foundation have played a major role in keeping Franklin's Williamson County from becoming "Anywhere USA."

Over the years, our accomplishments have included saving historic buildings and landscapes, doing surveys and inventories of our historic resources, nominating properties to the National Register, Streetscape in downtown Franklin, sponsoring a Heritage Classroom program, publishing books, advocating for preservation and sponsoring educational programs. The Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County and its division, the Downtown Franklin Association, are nationally recognized as being among the most successful and largest preservation groups in the country.

tennessee land trustTennessee Land Trust

The beauty of the land in our country is worth saving for our natural resources and for our future generations to enjoy. Seeing the amazing scenery and the foothills and farms that have already been put under protection gives me hope for more to be saved. Learn more about Land Trusts and the difference they are making in keeping our landscapes safe.

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The Land Trust protects Tennessee's natural and historic landscapes and sites through donations of conservation easements that protect important land resources. In some rare cases, the Land Trust does purchase land and does their best to acquire critical parcels of land that are threatened by development when there seems to be no other option for their protection.

Over 1700 land trusts have conserved 37 million acres of land in America – an area roughly the size of all the New England states combined. The Land Trust for Tennessee is working with communities and individuals to identify our natural and historic assets and protect important lands as well as sites before they disappear forever. If you believe the beauty and character of Tennessee is worth preserving, they need your help!

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