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For those of you who enjoy the stories behind the songs!

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A sample of my commercial voice work for Radio, TV and Documentaries.
Hey, my favorite is recording custom greetings for cars or elevators!
Cartoon or sexy voices are my specialty. Let me know if I can help!

My Charities
Euthanasia of rescue and stray animals can become a thing of the past. Learn how you can help make a difference! Love can go a long way… Preserving our land, history and the beauty of wide-open spaces allows all generations to enjoy and appreciate the landscapes around us. See how you can help…

My Favorite Sayings
I enjoy great thoughts and sayings from all over the world.
Here are some positive and fun messages to share with you!

The Gift of Jazz
The Gift of Jazz is a program designed to give high school students an
opportunity to experience a live professional Jazz performance and enjoy
an open discussion with a question and answer session.

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