Catlin Hale Poetry Catalog
A Breeze Blew Upon Me
A Fragile Heart
Do Not Fear The Storm
Do You Like
Dying To Love You
Far Apart
For You My Child
Go Away
He’s Comin’
If I Were You
I Lied In Your Bed
In All The World
I Saw The Light
Is He There
I’ve Loved Many
Leftover Loving
Life It Is A Lesson
Loving A Banker Boy
Loving You Was Easy
Me and My Dead
My Eyes Are Blue
My Father
My Greatest Love
My Yellow Pony
Only Daddy’s Like You
On The Other Side
She Doesn’t
Six Pack & A Beer
Take It Right Into the Wrong Place
Tease Me Like A Lover
Teddy Bear
There Is No
The Man That I Loved
The Silence
Waiting For You
We Will Be Brave
Where Does Your Heart Wander
Where Would You Be
You Don’t Like Roses
Your Crush
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